This category is for submissions that have not been published on another website, or on your own blog. 

For scientific submissions we look for these two descriptions:

A) Investigative and thought-provoking submissions that cite trusted sources to support a scientific topic, observation, or phenomenon. Your (in-line linked) research should come from reputable sources, such as scientific journals, thorough studies, or respected news sources like The New York Times and Reuters. Feel free to submit a pitch before submitting a completed piece.

B) Timely reporting on recent studies that apply to parenting or family life. We are more likely to accept submissions with personality! 

For first-person essays we look for:

Relatable, or remarkable personal experiences. Because this is our most popular category, we look for standouts that are compelling, emotional, and beautifully crafted.

Before submitting any piece (humor, advice, research...) first, ask yourself: 

  • "Is this something that would be useful or interesting to a large portion of our readership?" 
  • "Would someone else (whom I'm not related to) want to share this with their family and friends?"
  • "Is this an interesting and fresh perspective" 
  • "Have I reviewed my writing for spelling, syntax, and grammar?" 
  • Have I linked to referenced research and/or statements that need to be validated? Even if your piece is not scientific in nature, we require sources for any data, findings, or claims that you include. 

Please use the same title for both your document and "title or topic of your article" field. Thank you!  

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