Use this category to submit an outline for a research-backed piece that you are interested in writing. If your pitch is accepted, the final proposed piece should be between 1,000 - 2,500 words and be based in science or reporting. 

We only accept research pitches from writers who have previously published research articles on – or writers who have published in-depth research elsewhere. To get started publishing research on, submit a completed research piece to another category ( "New, unpublished work" or "Previously published work").

If accepted, we may pay more for these publications. If we don't feel that your pitch falls within the research category, we may consider your piece for $50.

These are the two types of research submissions that we look for:

A) Investigative and thought-provoking submissions that cite trusted sources to support a scientific topic, observation, or phenomenon. Your research should come from reputable sources, such as scientific journals, thorough studies, or respected news sources like The New York Times and Reuters. Feel free to submit a pitch before submitting a completed piece.

B) Timely reporting on recent studies that apply to parenting or family life. We are more likely to accept submissions with personality! 

Here are some examples that we consider to be long-form research:

What Betsy DeVos (and Education Policymakers) Should Know About How Kids Learn

Can Teaching Kids Mindfulness Replace Discipline?

How a Parent’s Affection Shapes a Child’s Happiness for Life

Don’t Drink and Pump: A PSA for Breastfeeding Moms

Before submitting any piece, first ask yourself: 

  • "Is this something that would be useful or interesting to a large portion of our readership?" 
  • "Would someone else (whom I'm not related to) want to share this with their family and friends?"
  • "Is this an interesting and fresh perspective" 
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